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About Femonomic

Femonomic provides an all-inclusive platform to empower change makers.

We live in a world where there is too much information and not enough access to speak our mind, too much noise and too little insight, so change-makers and others from all around the world speak about everything from human rights to patriarchal society to business and pop culture, food, science, and everything that matters. You can find our work on the internet anywhere — Facebook, email, Instagram, and more.

Our mission: To empower youth to speak out about critical issues and to let their opinions be known.

Femonomic has grown into a global hub for content on everything that goes around us. An interactive forum for changemakers to discuss social issues using wit, sarcasm, or simple logic. Femonomic is outspoken, fun, honest, and straightforward. The femonomic community represents youth around the world and their opinions on some world’s most critical issues. 

We approach content with a simple idea–public opinion has the power to change the world. We are driven by the desire to enable young people to address, speak up and engage on vital topics–and to communicate their opinions through storytelling, first-person narratives, attitudes, and expressions. Femonomic is a platform where anyone aspiring to change the world has the freedom to speak about issues that matter to them – and change-makers are at the heart of it.

FEMONOMIC, as someone once said, is a vibe. For those who jibe with our vibe, accept this invitation to join us. You will be part of the team striving to bring about a revolution. But with powerful words. 

We at Femonomic aim to partner with high-impact organisations such as the World Health Organisation, Save the Children, UNICEF, UN Women, and others, to conceptualise, develop and create high-impact campaigns, movements, and projects.

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