11 thoughts on “And SHE Is Born

        1. Hahaha…Yes. This is all factual. But, YOU are special as well. It gets really hard to write about murky things that we unfortunately experience in life but it certainly works as a great outlet as well.

          1. Yeah. We all are special. And when it’s based on real events it becomes more special and close to heart. Thanks for sharing 🙂

          2. I agree, they are the closest to us because they are all exclusively ours. We resent as well as cherish them for shaping us into however we are. Thank you, Josh.

  1. And such a dramatic entry into the world means she is born to create history.. na na Her-story and let it be an inspiring one! You’re welcome Lovey 🙂

  2. Wow I loved this story, but was left wondering if the mother survived, as i thought it was ambiguous at the end.
    Then i read in the comments that this is a true story about how you were born – incredible.
    Im really glad you wrote this story to share here. You are a great writer, keep writing. 🙂

    1. Hey, How are you, Debbie? Thank you tremendously much for stopping by and taking out some time to read this. Thankfully, we both survived but the struggle was real. I am now haggard to write the next part of the story now. Thank you for the encouragement and kind words.

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