15 thoughts on “Bathing In Your Feminist Tears

  1. I’ve been married for 30 years, have a wonderful wife who I don’t consider a “feminist”, but we do support our daughters through education and knowledge. Feminism has been a vehicle for a lot of women to vent their frustrations about life, men, work and just about anything on the planet.

    1. I feel very happy to read that. I am sure; their laughter must be full of joy and happiness with parents like you and your lady. I hope they grow up to be whoever they want with a heart that is pure and gold. “Feminism” is just a label for academic purposes and societal identification. It consists of the same system of belief that we usually practice to raise our children gleefully. What I admire is that we don’t have to be “Feminists” to educate our girl child and let her have the freedom she rightfully deserves. It shouldn’t be extraordinary but a norm. And, thank you.

    1. That’s too much to say. I believe, I still lack thoughtfulness towards the subject. All I know is that I want real progress and growth for everybody. Be it Women, Men, Children, dogs or whoever. I thank you for your generous words. Appreciate it.

    1. You are too generous with your words. I am glad you found this blog okay. It is my pleasure as well having you like my content. Nothing makes me happier than this. Thank you for pushing me to think and write more.

  2. I think the thought you’re trying to convey that men need to be educated on the subject, as opposed to being alienated by it, is essential and what a lot of women don’t realise. Just published an article i wrote about why there’s more to women than her gender and this could very much have triggered more writing… haha thanks!

    1. Thank you very much for being kind with your words. There’s definitely more to people than just their genders, color, race, and religions. Thank you for writing such wonderful piece of writings. It really does make a difference.

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