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  1. I’ve heard of this practice , and I believe it’s a hideous practice in all levels. If they cannot change this , then there should be a law where the husband gets ZERO ….. after uttering these 3 words, he leaves the house with only the clothes on his back, and if the authorities find out he has already cleaned out his bank accounts beforehand , he will be prosecuted and made to return the money. He will also be obliged to support his minor children.

    1. Unfortunately, I have had the chance to be a spectator of this one situation where a woman was abandoned by her Muslim husband as a repercussion to her birthing a girl child. He then went on to marry a much younger girl to birth a son. And do you know, almost 92% of Muslim women don’t even receive child support from their respective husbands? I agree with you, there should be rigorous law and regulations to prevent such horrendous practices. I don’t mean one particular religion; I think anybody belonging to any religion ought to have a sense of right and wrong and responsibilities on their shoulders.

  2. A very interesting article and I’m so glad you are speaking up for women’s rights, which are human rights. I’m encouraged to know that in India, like in the US, even if the government doesn’t act in the best interests of its people, the attitudes of the youth are making a difference. In time the old leaders will disappear and the next generation will lead. Change needn’t be that slow, but at least it comes.

    1. You’re so sweet. I feel we can do little things to make a difference. We don’t have to do magnanimous things to bring a change. We did not come this far to only come this far. We have a long way to go. I feel very strongly about some issues and I intend to voice my opinion time and again even if it gets annoying to some. 🙂

  3. We all are talking about this tripple talaq which is present dince ages in Islam and women are well aware of this fact. This is very bad practice and should be done away with. Also I would like to mention one more thing that why women don’t empower themselves n study n do jobs to be financially independent so that they don’t have to depend on their husbands. Why they don’t come out of their shell n seek sympathy of other people. I think women should also strive to become independent n kick their husbands who misbehave with them.

    1. True, we must get rid of all the practices that uphold Sadistic and irresponsible behavior, Patriarchy and Inequality. I agree with you on the latter part too, but girls are considered a burden and are made to stay at home to fulfill household duties. There is not much emphasis on educating a girl child or helping her being a self-sufficient individual, especially in Muslim community. Firstly, Parental values dominate a woman and then her husband’s austere authority oppresses her distinctiveness. It is not just one practice that is rattling; it is a combination of disintegrated values that hinder the change.


    1. I like your aggression and thoughtfulness towards the practice. Those men are doing it for the lust and momentary pleasure. They treat other gender like a object, women come with an expiry date for them most of the times. They can abandon their respective wives whenever they feel like because it is only a toy to coddle with. The whole attitude of Muslim men towards the women is a disgrace to the society and inhumanity in itself. Thank you for writing.

  5. I appreciate your concern for the women and at large for humanity but i am sorry to say that your articles are mere illusions of your mind as they lack proper research and true picture of the real image. How authentic would it have been had you portrayed other side of picture as well. If you really care for such causes i would request you to write article after proper research and quoting authentic refrences and their pros and cons both instead of just portraying a fanciful image of your criticism based on your personal likes or dislikes.

    1. I appreciate that you recognize my concern at large for societal issues. But let me tell you, I work in association with UNDP and BC where I personally meet people suffering from aforementioned issues on a regular basis and experience their grief as the first-hand experience. I also constantly stay in touch with the fodder exposed to have a better understanding of the issues concerned. I don’t have an issue with a mutual divorce. Anything one sided can prove to be fatal and dangerous. However, I don’t even write anything with a journalistic point of view as that is not even the theme of the blog. It is absolutely fine to have a difference of opinion as long as it is constructive and befitting. How is it based on my personal likes and dislikes? Am I supposed to fancy the idea of Triple Talaq and for what reason? I am more than willing to alter my thoughts and opinions if you may provide me with substantial and humanitarian grounds. Let me know your thoughts about the pros and cons and justifications about divorcing and abandoning women and children in a spur of the moment and going on to marry someone else.

      1. Are you aware of the fact that girls used to be buried before Islam. Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) was the one who declared this practice as unacceptable. Women were granted highest grades (heaven under mother’s feet). Women were granted share in inheritence for the first time by islam. Zinaa was forbidden. As far as talaq is concerned it is not an appreciable act. Ive geard a saying of Prophet (PBUH) that even Allah’s throne is shaken when someone divorces his women. Yet the rule is created by Him after all. Women are not left alone there is an amount of HAQ MEHR which is compulsorily to be paid. Pregnant women cant be divorced. You have to pay amount even after divorce. 3 talaaqs at a time (instantaneously) are also forbidden as you know after 2 talaaqs they can mate and rejoin themselves. Woman can also seek divorce if she is not happy with a man. Secondly mal practices of any law are always forbidden which one may undertake for his/her personal advantage. I am not an expert in islamic law but atleast i would refer you to read some authentic book. Difference in opinion is good for it lets us learn new things as far as we are ready to accept the differences. Hope so you will find sone time to read an authentic book. And why not you give a try and read Quraan and see if you can get answer to your questions with learning objective atleast.

        1. I am glad that you think Talaq is not an appreciable act if based on false grounds. All the things that you have stated are perfectly true and rightful but the gloomy part is that they are only on paper and principle. And, I am not talking about privileged and educated sections of the Muslim Society. I admire plenty of Muslim people and their way of living. Some of them are my best friends.
          However, I can tell you hundreds of real stories for my reason of saying that. Let me tell you just two for now that didn’t rise from News Channels or Newspapers, A man along with his family killed his wife so that he doesn’t have to pay haq meher and he admitted that in front of me. Another example, a woman was trafficked all over the world because her husband abandoned her and their only daughter after performing triple talaq. Other nations can’t be considered senseless for their decision to abolish the practice. I am aware of the malpractices in almost all familiar religions. I judge religions from the outside–and what is on the outside is the action of adherents. That is, the reason for what anybody does is their business. What they do only affects their lives. But, what someone does something that affects others is the business of the rest of the world. The inconsistency of world religions baffles me. Every religion has some sort of flaw or the other; Christianity does not support, or rather, is against evolution, Hinduism had sati till a couple of centuries ago and Islam still has stoning. Brahmins took a bath if the shadow of an untouchable fell on them. Disgusting practice in Hinduism, but that’s the truth. Dalits are still considered untouchables in mind at some backward areas. Christians said the Earth was flat and at the centre of the Universe and were willing to kill for it. Crazy, but it doesn’t happen anymore, so we have only got to deal with our amazement at the level of ignorance in that past society that doesn’t exist anymore. It may exist in specific much-unexplored regions but certainly not where most people have seen this.
          Musalyar, the chief of All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama, said recently that women do not have mental strength and do not possess the power to control the universe, “which lies in the hands of men.” “Gender equality is something which is never going to be a reality. It is against Islam, humanity and was intellectually wrong,” he said while speaking at a camp of Muslim Students Federation (MSF) in Kozhikode. “Women can never equal men. They are fit only to deliver children. Women cannot withstand crisis situations,” he said.
          With limited info about the religion, I don’t consider myself eligible enough to comment. But I would like to emulate a few things I have observed.
          In addition to what you have expressed, I am also known to the fact that Prophet Muhammad had people killed for insulting him or for criticising his religion. Muhammad inspired his men to war with the basest of motives, using captured loot, sex and a gluttonous paradise as incentives. He beheaded captives, enslaved children and raped women captured in battle. He is also said to have directed Muslims to wage war on other religions and bring them under submission to Islam. Endless hours have been spent in centuries trying to justify this conduct but if we think rationally, it is barbaric. Islam is the only religion that has to retain its membership by formally threatening to kill anyone who leaves. One of my Muslim friends told me once that The Quran never once speaks of Allah’s love for non-Muslims, but it speaks of Allah’s cruelty toward and hatred of non-Muslims more than 500 times and if you don’t believe what is said in the Quran, you’re a non-believer.
          I am sure you know the punishment for non-believers in Islam. Death. Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter says that an individual can practice any religion he wants with complete freedom. He can convert to any religion he wants. But if you do that in Islam, you’re called an apostate. If you don’t acknowledge God exists, you’re an infidel. You know what’s the punishment for infidels? You know it. Death. One thing that disturbs me deeply about the Quran is how rape victims are punished under Islamic law as adulterers. A 13-year-old rape victim in Somalia was stoned to death because she confessed to the ‘crime’ which was Rape. Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which a person an adult has sex with a person below 13 years of age(i.e., a person who hasn’t hit puberty yet)But the Quran allows it.
          Islam teaches that you beat the shit out of your wife if she argues with you. Women can’t beat their husband when they feel their husband is being inappropriate, but the male counterparts can. And, don’t take me wrong, Hinduism also called women foot filth at one point of time which is saddening again. Again you cut off his hands if a thief steals from your house. What if you find out that your wife is having an affair? You flog her or stone her to death. What can your wife do if she finds out that you’re having an affair? Nothing. What if you’re bored with your current wife? Marry 3 more. So much in the name of women liberation.
          Sahih International Quran 4:34.; Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Two witnesses from women equals’ one witness from man Muslim women can’t marry non-Muslim men, but Muslim men are allowed to marry infidel women. There’s too much sexism. Muslim women are given a teaching through Quran to not date, marry a non-Muslim and convert to his religion in principle.
          Overwhelmingly, people believe whatever religion they were taught as children. I have been also taught about my religion, the religion that I am born into and that my family follows. I refused to believe in religions a long time back as religions only confine us leaving no room for inquisitiveness.
          Nothing in this world came as the single perfect piece in one go. Even our Constitution has been amended so many times. Top MNCs keep on changing their core values with a passage of time. In all its glory it is a great religion but certainly, needs some reform suiting current predicaments. Heads of Islam say that it is beyond question and hence scope for reforms are non-existent. Religions were made when there was utter chaos or lawlessness. I believe all religions are manmade and were designed just to keep a social order. None of the religion is perfect but from time to time, there arises a need to analyse the ill practises and evolve according to the current scenario. Most of the major religions have sort of reformed over a period of time. I’ve been told that the Bible have been revised at least four times. Many obsolete, ambiguous and questionable practices from previous versions have been largely expunged or modified to accommodate the needs of the present generations. Islam is a great religion like any other religions. There is nothing ever wrong with following the religion of our choice.
          It is the people of who brainwashes the believer in the fear of God or for their religion existence. There is a law now that those who aren’t Muslims cannot say “Allah” meaning God in Malaysia. Sad.
          Most of the time religion is used for political benefits. Theo Van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death in Netherlands and his associate Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to live with bodyguards and armoured cars (Ali, 2007, p. xii), Mr. Bouyeri, at his trial told the court, Van Gogh had insulted Islam. “What moved me to do what I did was purely my faith,” Bouyeri said, “I was motivated by the law that commands me to cut off the head of anyone who insults Allah and his prophet.” The Bangladeshi feminist and secularist Taslima Nasrin has been living in exile since 1994, Egyptian human rights activist Faraj Foda was shot dead in front of his office in Cairo and Nasr Hamid Zayd fled out of Egypt to escape the death penalty and secularist Egyptian Sayyid Mahmoud al-Qimni was forced to recant all his writings (Ahmed, 2006, p. ix). Unfortunately, before the outside world would get a chance to read their works these writers were silenced through murder, terrorization and death-threats, and their writings were banned in the Muslim world.
          There is a book called “The Rose of Redemption” by Franz Rosenzweig, a Jewish seeker trying to figure out what major religions might offer that others lacked. You might like that; he argued that the theology of each offered unique gifts and unique problems. Knowledge purifies the soul. That’s why it is said to spread the knowledge to eliminate sorrow from people’s life.
          I personally believe that all humans, regardless of our colour, creed, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or nationality are equal. I can’t go into the details of religions or their aspects but I believe the basic tenets of almost all religions stem from kindness, compassion, empathy and equality. I treat everyone equally regardless of manmade divisional aspects.

          1. Well i am sorry to say most of the facts you have mentioned about Islam are your un informed opinions and word of mouth of general misconcepts about Islam and far away from real truth specially what you mentioned about the Prophet of Allah PBUH.
            I already requested you to do some thorough and well informed research from some authentic/neutral/non-muslim sources about Islam. Islam gives more respect to women and only it tries to differentiate the gender .
            I dont know which world are you living in when you claim that religions are manmade when we have 4 Holy Books and apart from the fact that other books have been amended several times Quran remains unchanged since 1400 years and none of the fact mentioned in it has been proven wrong even the non-muslims have admitted it( RESEARCH AGAIN).
            I guess you have not studied or researched about rights of non-muslims in islam i feel pity for you on such claims that islam preach hatred for them. I have non-muslim friends here. Obviously in situation of war they were killed like muslims were being killed and they were ordered to kill and that fact has been mentioned.
            Can you quote a single incident where Prophet Muhammad PBUH ordered rape of women, children stc. In fact it was Islam which introduced that concept of crops not to be destroyed , women children not be killed( for God’s sake study some books even non-muslims have written several books read them) whatever you have claimed about Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Even the US Supreme court has awarded him to be the greatest Law giver and the most Just person of the world( google it). He never killed any children women. For God’s sake do a little research. He is the most Just person in the world.
            ” I swear you owe yourself a thorough and neutral research about islam” since you have lot of mis conceptions. Islam doesnit allow to marry girl until she reaches puberty. Islam has punishments and if you have done a little research you would come to know what punishments call for. END of crime not an appreciation. Rape victim convicted of death seriously??. Zina is another thing.
            Islam doesnot teaches you to beat the wife if she argues you. For God sake what is that. Your self assumptions. Suppose you are about to commit suicide what will your husband do wouldnt he beat you for your insane act? come on.
            Allah is the creator of the world. apart of atheists ( who are even proven wrong ) All religion almost believe in ONE GOD by whatever name called. But have you read about QURAAN. DOest it seem like man made when the things it predicted about universe and science 1400 years ago cant still be proven wrong and it remains unchanged and most authentic as yet.
            Yes after accepting islam you cannot leave it.
            Those who insult Prophet were sentenced to death in his life time. Please also read ” Fatah Makkah” . There are rules in Islam.
            I am not an expert and also doesnot have such level of command in english as well but since you spend so much of your time on books of foreign authors how about you give QURAAN a read and find your self what it actually say.
            and also read books of neutral authors( foreign or local non-muslim authors written about Islam and Quraan) and find out the truth if you are really keen to find One. You owe yourself this research and readings after so much misconceptions you have about Islam.
            and BTW ISlam was the first religion to call for equality of human beings ” google khutba Hujjatul wida- The sermon on last Hajj of Prophet PBUH” .
            I request you once again to read authentic book even from a neutral sure and you owe yourslef this instead of living with such fanciful concepts about islam.

          2. Apparently, you didn’t read my response with an open mind. And, I understand where you are coming from. I had already said that it is the action and interpretations of adherents that are judged by outsiders. How can the response be my own opinion about everything? It is obvious that it has been debated for centuries and since the time immemorial. How can anyone just form an opinion about history!! History is only sourced because I was not born to witness it at that time. All the verses, quotes, examples of different nations and people are certainly have been researched well and enquired. All the things I have stated with can’t be my own little tales of the brain as I am not that intelligent.
            Also, would you deny the fact that women are being divorced via WhatsApp and other social media platforms?? It is not even about religion or its tenets but humanity, morality, and responsibility.
            I never once said I was an atheist. I said I don’t believe in religion. What do you have to say about the quotes of eminent people that I have put in with their names? That’s well researched, right?
            Suppose you are about to commit suicide what will your husband do wouldn’t he beat you for your insane act? –  come on. So you are saying it is okay to beat your husband too if he is being inappropriate without any adverse consequences??
            Einstein and Stephen Hawking and much alike hold a great relevance in present times even when they were dismissed as morons in their times yet they can’t be called out gods.
            You are taking it in the wrong stride thinking that there is a hatred for something as fragile as a religion while there is nothing about it. There is nothing wrong with rules and regulations such as not being allowed to leave the religion or gender differentiation as long as they are followed on the grounds of respect and kindness. Don’t get defensive rather look at my response holistically and radically as that is my intention too. Although, I wish you the best and more. Calm down.

          3. Well i did read your comment with an open mind and that is why i have kept suggesting you to read about the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Qur’aan before forming opinions and judgments about them.
            You ask me to calm down while you yourself claim to be a pre PHD scholar and you accused the Holy Prophet PBUH without any grounds and any evidence which calls for it to be a bare lie. He is mercy for the whole mankind and not only for muslims but for the whole universe. Non muslims have written several books on his Justice and merciful behaviour. He was known as SAADIQ and AMEEN ( Sacha and amanatdaar ) even in the non muslim circles of his time. He was the first one to give respect to women and entrusted them with the right in inheritence. If you havent read about him how can you give a judgement on someone while being so educated individual of society on mere word of mouth statements which you might have read on social media or even in some hatred article against him. Islam is not what some muslims of today might seem to you or what you hear from people in your daily life. Islam is what Qur’aan says and the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his sayings.
            Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him was the messenger and servant of God. The one GOD. There are differences in religions but most of the religions believe in oneness of GOD. and if you havent read QURAAN you should not even give a judgement about that it is man written book. Quraan challenges that if you say it is a man written book than create a verse like its verse. and Quraan is the fourth Holy book after previous 3.
            Well research calls for researching the object first and not merely the hatred material written about it.
            I hope you will give it a read and not a mere read a thorough research and i will be here in case any help from my end is required. You can email me your mailing address and I will send you an English translation of Quraan as a gift. sameermalick@hotmail.com
            I am happy that you know where i am talking from but i expect you not to judge.
            Peace and blessings.

          4. I had already typed the whole enchilada I wanted to converse with notable verses, personal first-hand experiences, quotes, speeches of eminent people from the concerned religion and established examples from different nations. You haven’t answered any of my relevant questions yet for some reason. This article or the intention behind it was never about the religion but a callous practice, however, you made it all about one religion while I mentioned many others for I understand because you are entitled to interpret it in your own way. Being a Pre-PhD Scholar or “an educated individual of the society” makes me employ my free thinking mind and that is why I am open to reading the Quran earnestly. Although, I have already glanced through it over the years for different reasons as it has been gifted by friends and that is why I could tell you everything I did through ideas and verses. However, I have never been relentlessly serious while reading into it. I don’t intend to repeat the same points all over again. And, I can give a judgment about something I deal with on a personal level every day in my work field. My response is still centered on women and the treatment meted out to them by anyone from any religion.
            Thank you extremely very much for clearing out the air. And, I already have the printed one so I would not need an eBook. Also, I don’t enjoy reading books digitally. I am kind of an old-fashioned that way. Thanks for the help anyway. Good wishes to you too.

          5. Well intended to send you a hard copy and that is why i asked for your mailing address not emailing address. Well you ought to look for the answers yourself since you have already declared me biased so i avoided commenting further to the issues you addressed.
            You should start over aggain there is no point of repeating anything and there is difference when you cgange your mindset towards something if youre going to read it all over again.
            Thank you for the wishes and best of luck.

          6. I agree, changing mind set is a wonderfully elegant idea, beautifully and usefully explicated but it wouldn’t still change the realities of redundant practices all around the world. I think the change in the mind set of people who believe in demeaning and imprudent practices would be more effective. I never declared you biased (let me know the sentence where I used the term “biased” for you, if I have) rather you declared me biased in both the posts that I admit. I am inclined and subjective as you are inclined to your own beliefs and theories whereas I don’t enforce my belief system on others. Thank you for offering to help but I already have the book, or maybe three of it I guess. Have a great day ahead anyway.

          7. And do you really think we can enforce our ideas on any one , we can only suggest rest is upto other person provided there is no ego involved. I perceived it from several of your sentences so i thought its better to let yourslef find the answer and i just said that your judgement is not according to the true picture. By the way thank you for the discussion it was a learning lesson for me as well.

          8. And what war or coercian are muslim waging now that despite being highest number of muslims being killed Islam has the highest number of new joiners. The most people converting to any religion. Is any one forcing them now? If you really have true yearning for the truth , the you owe yourself an unbiased, neutral and authentic research about islam. Read books google the authentic material. Books of non muslim authors. And do include Quraan , for you its just another book why not give it a read?

          9. Well i am afraid to say that it is what you think so BTW It is commendable that you have accepted the invitation of reading it with an open mind. You are always welcome.

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